Friday, May 30, 2008


dispensing vexation
millimeter by millimeter
digging down
through ash and clay and dust
for remnants of meaning
proof that we were here
and will be

6 feet down
scrapping the walls for signs of life
or nesting
smudging the walls
of our future home


wyethhouse said...

not so easy to decipher but intriguing to read. your "nesting" is intrinsic to who you are as a writer

Jo said...

The words you choose are always so fitting... tell me have you published your poems anywhere? I should think a greater band of people would deeply appreciate your writing!

wyethhouse said...

I agree with Jo. Your writing is truly worthy of being shared with more people.

KGT said...

Thanks Wyethhouse and Jo for the very kind words. Yes, I have and do publish poetry. Some of it (that allowed to appear in more than one place) appears under the label "previously Published" on this blog.