Monday, December 14, 2009

Event Horizon

My neighbor was a cemetery
in the trench-coat days of youth
when a candle and a sad song
were the symbols of love and truth.

I pondered love and truth
on the work of moles and voles
in the clutches of Virginia Creeper
in a commune of quiet souls.

A voyeur among quiet souls
a slave in royal quarters
a stone where I seemed to linger
two hearts entwined and mortared.

Two souls entwined and mortared
two hearts that beat as one
two names now all forgotten
two lovers a black hole sun.

The weight of a black hole sun
the lightness of youth and love
an infinite celestial waltz
between Boreas and the dove.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

black pearls in the snow
desolate, windswept,empty field

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Cruel Confections (Philadelphia)

They are pelting me
these snowflakes flying
in the streets of Philadelphia.

Somewhere between now and then
they crash into me
blinding me
bruising my skin
with a promise.

Cruel confections
and crystal gowns
flogging the profligate wanderer;
blowing in from the south
from the sea
meeting the chill
between you
and me
the rain
the veins
and foretells
the killing

Somewhere between here and there
where its raining hard
I will see you
thinly veiled
as a promise.

They are pelting me
these snowflakes flying
in the streets of Philadelphia.

Thursday, December 03, 2009


Tiger, Tiger burning bright.
How far we will fall
in the heat of the night.

A shiny apple hanging low
to have and to hold
and to the depths we'll go

to taste
to tempt
to tease release
to tarry
in stasis
to cease
to cease
to savor
the succulence
of ripest fruit
to feel
to fathom
the deepest roots
in rhizomia
the utopia
of flesh
and favor
and flowing

Tiger, Tiger burning bright!
A shooting star
that dims tonight.

A supernova, outshine the light
a sublime explosion
our rare midnight.