Saturday, May 19, 2007


Severe storm warning
expecting gale force winds...
she would ride it out
except she’s land-locked
between Lovers Leap
and the Valley of Death
where she should

The wind is not whispering.
She shouts for help
to find
an answer
an echo
my echo
my ego
and the distinct
of a view
a vantage point
or a vision
of shelter
of chivalry
of the shivering
to come.

Exposure brings strength
like a gull on a rock
a girl in the suite
like a gill in the silt
the guy in the suit
and if it does not kill
then it is a good
of God.

If I get back to here
If I get back to her
I will hew this hemlock
this hedge
this hermetic holly and ivy
and ravage the understory
with hatchet, axe and saw
denude the detritus
and free the flaws
clear cutting
the wind falls
of her fear.


Michelle said...

very beautiful, K.

Rax said...

wow. the flow is amazingly fluid, sound and rhythm befitting the word-plays, rolling off the tongue with each striking image swelling, building up to a perfect ending- my favorite part "with hatchet, axe and saw/denude the detritus/and free the flaws/clear cutting/the wind falls/of her fear."

i love your unique voice

KGT said...

Thank you, as always, Michelle.

Rax, you flatter me. Thank you for such encouraging words. I liked your first attempt at Haiku...check out the Hunting Haiku link for a whole bunch of resources on haiku writing and theory, if you are interested.