Monday, December 11, 2006


Brooch pins for my eyes
bury the cold black hole sun
blind Justice and I
have heard quite enough
and the prophesies cannot
be undone.

“While the widows
go on weeping
wearing ashes
and gnashing
their teeth
the Parties
will prey
on the young.”

They are staying,
they are coursing
the dogs of war unleashed.
She is dwindling
she is dwarfing
Our Lady, art thou impeached?


Madame B said...

'brooch pins for my eyes' i love the image and the symbolism - will be back :)

KGT said...

Thanks Madame b! Come back soon...and thanks for letting me link to "Stripped"

_Soulless_ said...

The first line made me sit straight up, on the edge of my seat. (I imagine the piercing... Oh!) ^_^ The ending, too, lends quite an impact.

She is dwindling
she is dwarfing

You portray the image (and strengthen the message) effectively.