Friday, January 20, 2006

A Winter Solstice

Dawn, just a memory
daybreak a dream
the morning lost in mist.

Dusk, dripping scenery
rusted it seems
the fog says hello with a kiss.

What of the day
the hours without shade
the heat that sustains the living?

Her warmth kept at bay
en route, waylaid
and no prince for the crown she’s giving.

Oh cruel Sun
light of all light
how we long for your return.

Darkness shun!
Shed black night...
the murk, this fog, burn.

Yet no blaze appears,
no dazzling array,
only stealing gray I see.

An eclipse, I fear,
has come to stay...
oh Sun, set us free.


Frank Zappai said...

I meant to tell you, I kind of like this one.

KGT said...

Thanks Sensei Zappai.

KGT said...

Poem written 12/30/93