Friday, January 27, 2006

Emptying the Ark

Nothing has changed...
equilibrium has settled upon me once again-
a 2:1 ratio of salt and pepper
ecstasy and angst
affirmation and masochism, etc.
And you?

There doesn’t seem to be any flooding here.
No roiling crest spilling over the banks.
That’s what they call a salty solution of some noxious liquid
found in back waters, basements, and tidal flats...
Are they evacuating your neighborhood?

Holding a heart shaped chain letter and pondering St. Valentine,
bless his holy name,
I was surprised to feel the Holy Ghost come upon me...
and I got the Power.
If St. Patrick wouldn’t have vanquished all the snakes
I could have demonstrated my faith.
But alas, no serpents,
save the one wrapped around my heart
who keeps force feeding me apple sauce.
I was resigned to speaking in tongues-
forked ones at that.
I know, my diction.

Now the sun is shining
but I’ve been in this tunnel so long it hurts-
like a bright light glinting
off a gin bottle in the ditch.
But I’ll be ok
cause I asked for automatic polarizing glasses
from the Easter Bunny
and the government said if I was good and ate my apple sauce
I would get them under the Easter-egg tree.
I’m trying really hard.
Cross your fingers and say a prayer for me.


KGT said...

This was written in February 1996. I was reminded of it in light of recent events,dug it up, and dusted it off.

I am grateful to a few nameless men in Cass Corridor for my inspiration in terms of voice.

KGT said...

Also, the picture is compliments of USA Today.

Rtwell said...

a heartfelt, "hym,emm,emm"

Sometimes you just have to moan so the devil doesnt know what you're talking about..