Saturday, February 05, 2011

True Light

True light.
What is out there is preferable-
what comes through is filtered.
Out there or in here?


The game said...

what is out there is fallen.
a filter purifies.
the only True Light is face to Face.
You trap yourself.

KGT (aka Cagey) said...

Such certainty. Oh how I love such certainty. Certain to have certain opinions. I don't know who you are, "The Game," and yet your certainty is very well known to me. Thanks for your thoughts.

Are you so certain what is fallen?
Light is out there. The very source of it, low and appearing blue for only seconds on this occasion, Christmas Eve. And it pierces and penetrates. The first revelation is out there in all its glory where life feeds on life in endless and beautiful cycles. Facade, artifice, and the avarice of dogma are the mortar and bricks of hollow institutions stagnating before our very eyes. Inside-- churches, and mosques and temples.

Filters filter. Filters separate. Filters extract the larger particles,perhaps the larger ideas, perhaps the larger souls. Purification requires a great deal more than filtration, I regret to remind.

I trap myself only when I subject myself to the dogma of certainty, when I entertain false dichotomies that require a choice between a God and her creation, a fate akin to slitting ones wrist in order to quench one's thirst.

...and the only True Light is face to Face.