Thursday, February 19, 2009

Blood is the New Currency

Blood is the new currency.
Five hundred thousand Rand
a head
a shot.
This is easier than coke.
Cheaper than nukes.
And they will come.

The life blood is the animals now.
They are more than feeding.
They are life- the blood is the life.
And the guns.

The guns come from Mozambique.
But that must change.
Everything is changing now.
The Afrikaners are out.
The sanctions are out.
The secret is out.

It’s a market after all.
And there is supply.
And there is demand.

The “why not?" comes
upon you slowly
you suddenly realize
you are plotting
you are scheming
in the dance of the predator
and prey.

How you got there does not matter
now that you can see the heart
in the chest of the mark.
It is simply a matter of when…

This is not an animal rights poem. This is not a hunting rights poem. This is not a judgment about any regime in South Africa. This is about irony, about predation as economics. This is self analysis, nothing more.


Poet in Residence said...

that's odd for today
on my radio plastico
the invisible voice said that
an invisible zimbabwean politician
wanted to send a wee bit of invisible gold
to zurich / the invisible zimbabwe - zurich axis
but this cuckoo-clock time
it wasn't to be
- for some invisible official papers weren't exactly in order
and the shady gnomes
got the chills
and the jittery-jitters
got the wind up
and chickened right out

that's invisible economics

three and a half tonnes
is a lot of invisible gold

it's a big lot
of invisible congolese gold

KGT (aka Cagey) said...

Nice return volley featuring "invisible." Thought provoking, too. Thanks, Poet in Residence.