Monday, October 27, 2008

Blind Love- A Haiku Trio

hovering above
breasts exposed and glittering
the hush of wing beats

swinging precision
blinking eyes wide behind beads
more than drops raining

upsetting the dawn
dreams reduced to possession
bittersweet having


C. L. DeMedeiros said...


GeL (Emerald Eyes) said...

stunning haiku
each and every verse
Your header is gorgeous; I'm partial to butterflies
Cool photography
(here via Rax's blog)

KGT (aka Cagey) said...

C. L. DeMedeiros - Thanks for stopping by!

Gel(emerald eyes) - I appreciate your kind words. The header is a drawing of a Polyphemus moth I collected in Kentucky.

Julie said...

GORGEOUS! I love how these can all be separate poems, but they also work together. Is that just my strange mind at work? Or are they meant to work together? I think they do perfectly.

I love it all, of course, but the "hovering above" really blows me away. And the last line of the third..."bittersweet having" just rocks. Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing!

KGT (aka Cagey) said...

Thanks Julie. They are indeed meant to compliment one another, but to stand alone as well.