Monday, April 14, 2008


in a sheer, shimmering
in the adaptive cycle
forewarns the chimera
the chaos,
the stochastic event.
When looking backwards
is falling
forward momentum-
to a pause
between axis
in the curves
behind thresholds
of attraction.

The marble rolls
on a ridge
in a state of criticality
awaiting forces
to influence
gravitational pull
to a basin of attraction
a well
a deep well
fallen in
fallen through
once before


wyethhouse said...

The tension you've created with words is most amazing. I can feel it every time I read. The perilous state of that which is held at edge is almost suffocating. I continue to be surprised and impressed by your compositions.

Jo said...

OK, I just have to tell you... last night, I attended my first poetry workshop and thought of you the whole time! We were asked to think of a poet who really made us stop and ponder, who inspired us and gave us this urge to write poetry and you came to my mind immediately! Beautiful as always, my friend!

KGT said...

Thank you wyethhouse...the state you mention is indeed perilous, but also full of potential. I appreciate your kind words.

Jo, how flattering! I am so happy that you are getting into "workshopping" your poetry. That's a big step, one that implies a large commitment to your work and your own voice. Glad to hear that my work has given you some measure of inspiration.