Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Betwixt and Between- Fleurdeliser

On these wet and heaving streets
still slick with the film of receding tides
still covered with the air of decayed history
and composted potential
of a foundered fleur-de-lis...

Here in the smoky strains
of a Blue Monk meeting
the Public Enemy number one;
in the clash of comedy and tragedy
in the collision of safety with free-falling
hangs Spanish moss
from the ancient arm
of an Oak
caught betwixt and between
languishing in the liminal
among both earth
and sky.

Here, in the humid strains
of a street clothes nun
fighting for the Holy Angels
is a delta blues moan
for one more kiss
of Amazing Grace.

Here where love
is an act of defiance
where life is against the odds
where passion is in opposition
to the gilded monarch
of mastery...

Between my shoulders I am marked
my path long lost, no longer my own
on the Rue Désirée
in rites of passage
among forests of Lilies
and love
and Live Oaks.

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