Monday, January 07, 2008

Diamond Sighs

Found it.
Your path of silence.
Again. Always.

You sprinkled it thoughtfully
crumbs for the lost
diamonds, glittering
and audible.

They sigh...diamond sighs.
High pitched and thrilling
Sweet and sharp and brilliant.
Ancient, forever lasting
crystallized moments
of the purest angel time.

There was such a diamond.
A dawning realization,
not of compressed carbon
but of confessed innocence
and its lassitude
and its larceny
and its loss.

That diamond sighs for you.
I felt its razor sharp edge
for these many years...
in the background,
in the rain,
or in my dreams as now.
A haunting diamond sigh.

But it is not tragic,
in the way a diamond is not tragic.
It is a diamond.
It is
and ever will be.
And it sighs
for you.


Shameless said...

There's so much to think about with this piece ... lots of powerful images. Lovely. :-)

KGT said...

Thank you Shameless.

Crafty Green Poet said...

this is haunting

KGT said...

Thanks for stopping by Crafty Green, and for the comment.

wyethhouse said...

I'm at a loss for words, have been... Your "Diamond Sighs" pulls beauty from what is not tragic, only a crystallized moment that will remain forever what it tragedy in that but a gem that grows more precious with time.

puresunshine said...

Very creative. Diamond sighs. ANd excellent explanation to it. Nice read. :)

KGT said...


puresunshine-glad you liked it!