Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Victorious finally...
an almost Rembrandt day
where if my brow is furrowed
the source is significant
and truly
every decision

My victory finely,
in the Albinoni adagio way,
in subtle shades of the pure
and pink and precious
first fruit plucked
from a weeping tree,

When,Victoria, you find me
apostate and incapable of prayer
remind me,
in your angelic muse kind of way,
of the lavender life,
of first fruit fervor
and of the ordinary happiness
of today.

Written in October 2000, on the birth of my daughter Victoria. Posted today in celebration of her 7th year.


wyethhouse said...

This piece holds such beauty as you've put into words the reverent, yet ordinary happiness that comes with the birth of a child. Your thoughts for your daughter are precious and I especially am drawn to your request at the end for her to bring rememberance of those very things that brought signficance with her birth. Thank you for posting "Victoria". What a beautiful treasure in her collection of memories of her dad!

Michelle said...

lovely :)

Happy Birthday to Victoria!

_Soulless_ said...

So precious, so beautiful. Both the words and the one they are written for. ^_^

I do hope she gets to read it, many times, in her coming years.

Happy birthday to your dear darling.

Shameless said...

Superb. Gave me goose bumps! Nice new look here by the way! :-)

KGT said...

wyethhouse- thank you for your kind words and your empathy, and also for visiting "When I Wax"

Michelle- long time. Hope you are well.

Soulless-I appreciate you birthday wished for Victoria. Thanks as always for gracing these pages-- I am really loving what you are doing lately at Unguarded Utterances.

Shameless- Hey, thanks! I am observing lion activity with great interest, by the way.