Friday, March 09, 2007

Fever Lonely

Thought I saw a Mamba
in a fever tree today.
The thought seduced my mind
but the thorns got in the way.

in a blue lined bottle...
flew farewell to you.

A crown of green and black
for your pomp and circumstance
Emerald noir
if only you will dance.

Sway now rhythmic slowly
roulette to miss the bite.
Stay now fever lonely
if only for tonight.


Michelle said...

oh beautiful mesmerising, deadly mamba. yes.

Michelle said...

yes. indeed!

Anonymous said...

Thought I saw a Mamba in a fever tree today...Ooo! Delicious. This one deserves savoring. It's tease, like a taste of the jungle.

KGT said...

Michelle- Thought you might "resonate" with that one a bit...funny, I remembered writing it but then it was lost until recently I found the scrap of paper I scrawled it on somewhere in Pretoria.

Thanks for the email-I'll be getting back to you.

Louise- Thank you, Louise, for your words- and for the link!