Monday, November 13, 2006

Host Meditation (Breadchewing)

Just a crumb in the food chain
the crust of the loaf
I heard of bread that’s forever
but can you make toast
from a slice of the life
that was broken for me
and is dipped in the vino
or dunked in the tea
that is bitter
and black
and imported from Spain
where the lovers of gold
are the mothers of shame
and if the dough is kneaded
by unclean hands
and the yeast is leavened
in man-made pans
then how is it living
in the alive sense of the word
unless one sees fit
to build a cottage for a curd.


Rtwell said...

Fantastic and Timely...
Just learned yesterday that the outer layer of the bread is the crust and the inner the crumb.. the history of "bread" is quite something; Rythym,irony
you deliver

Soulless said...

I gasped after reading this, enjoying, primarily, the rhyme, and appreciating further the analogies in the piece; and, of course, the query at the end has me meandering in thought. One of the more memorable pieces I've read in my trip today to poetry sites. ^_^

(Really, Keith, this is my current favorite among your poems I've read. ^_^ Pardon me for gushing. Hee.)

KGT said...

Thank you both.

GeL (Emerald Eyes) said...

Wow- the momentum combined with the breaking bread/food chain theme is magnificent.