Thursday, October 12, 2006


Solace seeking
African nights
have no center...
no crux
or core-
no birth
or ending
no shift
or swinging door.
Here the she-silk spinning
never comes to end
and strands that halt
the Zeitgeist zipper
graft hangmen’s
Zulu Zen.

So the thunder
insists upon distance
behind tall fences
containing the game
and my lover
Eroica extant
will be tattooed
with my shame.

While the dunes
keep marching westward
to the beat
of the shepherds drum
and the eyes
of Africa
as yet still dancing
while in her mouth
still none.


ozymandiaz said...

I keep coming back...
This poem is so compelling.
I have yet to find
the words...

KGT said...

Thank you Ozy.

Looking forward to the Hallowed Eve fest in your neighborhood.

Michelle said...

this is beautiful.