Monday, July 24, 2006

Through the Melodeon Window

Hey you, Cherry-Coke!
Yes, you
you Amish blacked
horse whip
cracking down the street.
Compel me,
opera mouthed
and gutsy.
Yeah you
you thick treaded
heel artist...
hi-jack me.
Grind it down,
mouthing the edict
to lay down my nets
and follow your fetish
through your plum cherry arbor.


Jim Tantillo said...

hmm. Okay, I'm lost, I admit it. I need some interpretive analysis, I'm afraid. if you care to provide some. :-)

Saltzy said...


Billy Jones said...

I get it! I liked it so much I featured it this morning at

Scheherazade said...

This I thought was extraordinary--and is the reason I will be a frequent visitor.

I hate to make comparsons, but I've been reading Frank O'Hara of late, and couldn't help being reminded of him in this poem.

Scheherazade said...

...i mean i really like this one.

i'm printing it (please don't be alarmed, but i do print and compile my own personal anthology of web poets i like)

so glad you joined the carnival so i could discover you!

KGT said...

sche...thanks again for the many kind words. It is quite nice to be discovered by you.

Thanks to you, I have very effectively whittled away most of a day with O'Hara...I am flattered by the non-comparisson, and am now onto a new thread.