Thursday, June 29, 2006


She so vulnerable
Can’t swim
Panic on her face
In her eyes
Survival only.


Jim Tantillo said...

you know, the first image here that came to mind was your lab on the duck hunt when she went under ... not to make light of that, of course, nor did I see that incident happen. but funny how the mind works. I'd be curious if that's what this is actually about or if you had something else in mind. either way, nice one.

KGT said...

well, its kinda about that phenomologically speaking.

You got the female drowning part perfect. :)

I had in mind a situation where a female is panic stricken and an observer feels a mixture of pathos-- empathy, sympathy, and disgust, probably a survival instinct in the observer not to share in the panic....its wierd the emotions we have.

I guess it is more about the observer than the actual subject.

Thanks for the comment Jim.