Friday, March 10, 2006

Diva Chutes

Proximity to well-worn trails
a Pathfinder does not make.
Reconnaissance is not romance
regardless of the time, the tilth or the take.
Knowing the sensation
of 'chutes only half full
I wonder about this jump.
No my friends
its killing
but God won't sort these out.

A pirouette is pretty
but not when its chasing your tail
and the need to know the ending
is the difference betwen vex and veil.
The slipstream used to dazzle
and the sweetspot seemed in reach
but now, with age
comes vision
and I wonder too, for you.

Preference for lies and intrigue
a spy does never make.
Treachery is not tradecraft
no matter the actor , the screen, or the fakes.
Knowing the dullness
of unsharpened blades
I wonder about this hump.
No my brothers
in arms and angst
most likely we won't make it out.

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